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Take Charge of Your Life – Mind Over Weight
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Take Charge of Your Life

As you read this, you probably have a brief list of things to do (perhaps the actual laundry including) piling up during a time when you are “less busy”. Some of these tasks are profane tasks that we all avoid, but sadly we have to procrastinate often do the same things that we know we feel happier, healthier and more balanced.

We think when I have more time, I will start to work, cooking, eating healthy meals, finding a better job, catching up with friends, taking a class for photography etc.

But the truth is that although many of us hectic schedules, sometimes “too busy” is just a convenient excuse. So if you’re tired of putting your fortune on ice, read to find ways to motivate yourself and take responsibility for your life.

Understand what you are avoiding

We know it or not, that often avoid changes, because we are afraid: the search for a new job, since it could be worse than the misery we know; Fear of a weight loss program because it could not work; Fear put us first, as it could alter the dynamics of our relationships.

If this sounds familiar, fear is a natural part of change. Instead, let your fear paralyse you, confirm and establish an intention to move anyway because your happiness is worth the effort.

Let expectations go

How many times have you contemplated an exercise regimen just to speak for yourself because you do not do it all the time you think you owe so much? Instead give yourself to work three days a week permission to scrape the whole exercise thing because you do not have time to exercise every day.

We often avoid our unrealistic expectations to achieve important goals. If we can not do something perfectly, then do not do it better. Instead of allowing the pressure to keep you from trying something new, let the expectations go and do what you can.

Better manage your schedule

We all complain that there are not enough hours a day, but think about how you spend your time and how you better manage your schedule. Today it is so easy to spend hours on social media, online shopping and observation binge drinking Netflix to lose every day.

While there is nothing wrong with a marathon streaming from time to time, you begin to determine exactly how much time everyday suicide time sucks and begin to reduce the extent.

Prioritise yourself

While you are about to stop all other needs before you own. Yes. For a friend who never returns the favour or more of his or her part of the job, again doubles up, you do not have enough time to maintain your relationship with yourself. Put better boundaries in relationships and work will help you more space in your Life to make their own goals a priority.

Find a running buddy

If you have to think about training for a marathon or consider a career transition, finding support from family and friends can be a long way to staying committed to your goals. Find an employee more tolerable to carry out the morning or make a trustworthy friend ask your CV to read and give comments.

Start with small changes

Making major changes in life can be daunting, so it is easy to be stagnant by the “what if” overwhelmed and stay. If you want to make some changes and do not know how or where to start, start small. Check out yoga videos online before committing to a study; Cook a healthy meal instead at home this week to designate the interior; Meet with a career counselor if you are thinking of a career change. You will soon realize that these small steps create the momentum you need for big changes.

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