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Our Services – Mind Over Weight
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Our Services

Who We Are And What We Do

Our Services

Although weight loss can be achieved by the traditional method of hard-core adrenalin based training, we have learned that over time this can put unnecessary stress on the physical and emotional body and often causes the weight and emotional state to return. This type of training can overwork the muscles and shock the body into fatigue; this is unnatural and depletes the organs of vital energy while the body remains in a state of fight and flight. We feel our programs provide a wider perspective viewing the whole of the person opposed to segmenting them into mind, body, spirit.

What's going on at the root level effects the whole, this approach to weight loss and self-empowerment can help one create longer term benefits to their overall health and wellbeing of our clients.


What We Offer

One to one counselling

This can help one identify the root causes of an individual’s struggle and all health related issues, whether physical or emotional. Sessions will be held with qualified and trained counselors in a comfortable and safe environment.

Meditation classes

Group meditation classes will be taught in a relaxing space perfect for after work where you will also learn how to meditate individually as well as in a group setting, we encourage the journey to self– empowerment to be personal and therefore a more permanent one. Yoga mats will soon be available for sale in our online shop, we have some mats available or you can bring your own. Loose clothing and a bottle of water is recommended for these sessions.

Mindfulness classes

Mindfulness classes are in a group setting where a combination of practices & discussions will take place in a comfortable and safe environment. Loose clothing and a bottle of water is recommended for these sessions.

Nutrition and diet plan ( with a nutritionist)

As part of the program, you will receive a personalised diet and nutrition plan. If you do not choose to embark on a plan, you can simply become a low cost or a Mind Over Weight mailing list member and access offers, savings, events, and special invites for classes.

Healthy eating cooking advice and classes

Group cooking classes will be scheduled throughout the year and advertised on our website. For program members this is already included as part of your individualised program, others members pay a small fee to cover costs.

Personal mentors and motivators

Motivational tweets and personal texts are but some of the way we intend to stay on your case…uhhhhmm keep you respectively motivated and funny, informative and extremely healthy newsletters, merchandise (it’s hard to skip your class if you’ve got your Mind Over Weight t-shirt/vest on under your work shirt- right?)  And if that’s not enough to keep you interested there’s also individual and group activities to keep you motivated.

Program members will have a personal mentor assigned to them with weekly contact.

Paying members will have access to group mentor over Skype sessions; also access to Facebook, tweets and invites to all our free events; and special invites to attend a class or group activity/therapy for free! Yes free, each month we will select a member + 1 invite to attend one of our classes, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you are selected we will send your invite directly to your inbox so add us to your contacts list.

M.O.V eNewsletter members will have access to Facebook, tweets and an invites to all our free events and special invites to attend a class or group activity/therapy for free! Yes free, each month we will select a member + 1 invite to attend one of our classes, so keep your eyes peeled

If you are selected we will send your invite directly to your inbox so add us to your contacts list.

Personal training

We have an in-house personal trainer who you can schedule an appointment with at a subsidised rate who offers a variety of free taster sessions and classes. Program members get this service included.

Paying members will be invited to join free monthly classes and talks; and will receive special discounts and offers.

M.O.V eNewsletter list members will receive special discounts and offers.

(Please see the personal trainer’s diary for dates and availability)

Telephone therapy- (Someone to talk to)

Do you feel alone in your weight loss journey or generally in your life?  Do you wish you had someone to call and share your story with? Do you feel like no one can relate to all the thoughts around in your mind? Or are you on a journey of self-growth and are feeling lost?

Our team has individuals from all different walks of life, cultures and social backgrounds. Some grew up with money, some without, some in a single parent family, some lost parents at a young age. Some are married and others divorced.  During our journey together, as a team, we have supported each other with meet up groups, phone calls, inspirational quotes, emails and many other means of connection. Whether you have a dilemma or simply want to share your thoughts and ideas – we are here to listen and guide.

We are moving away from traditional counselling and building a more inclusive service where individuals are not made to feel scrutinised by the stigma of being ‘in therapy’. We run a community network that connects our clients to the best suitable life solutions in the present moment. Contact our team for information, you never know unless you try.


Contact us and connect to our many social media and meet up community groups, we run shy community coffee mornings and chat events. You may just want a friend to jog with, to share your journey with. Contact us to see how we can help you create a bespoke plan to enhance your social life and boost your personal confidence.


Throughout our life journey the one thing that is universally definite, is death. We all die, and as morbid as that sounds for generations we have feared the inevitable – it is a sad experience to loose someone, we try to say goodbye or do our best to cope with the confusion that suddenly comes upon us. But why are we not able to talk to each other about it?  Why is this subject so difficult to approach?.

Mind over Weight has direct experience in such matters and have learnt that Everyone handles bereavement differently – some face it head on and others have no idea what to do.

Suppressed grief can cause all sorts of upset in our physical, mental and emotional system. Our experienced support team will see you for whom you are, and will tailor our approach when working with you and the grief, death, sickness or any other form of bereavement you may be facing. We understand the emotions, the mental and physical backlash of the internal suffering. We do not offer miracles as such but stand with you to help encourage you which helps you continue on your journey with the mindset that’s right for you.

Debt and finance advise

This is a new service, we recently appointed an individual that has experience with handling personal debt and felt that handling & managing finances well is the key aspect to healthy living. To move away from a poverty mindset no matter what your current Financial circumstances are. Effective financial planning can bring about day to day peace of mind and well-being.

We aim to create financial plans that will empower the individual with a head on approach to taking control of your finances and not the finances taking control of your life!

Discount / Complimentary services

Access to discounted complimentary & alternative therapies such as:

Chi Kung/Tai Chi
Hara Shiatsu/ Chi Nei Tsang (Tai organ detox, skin detox, lymphatic detox)
Box fit
Art therapy
Music therapy

...And a lot more to come with therapist joining our team every day!