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He is my friend The Mighty (wounded) Healing Warrior – Mind Over Weight
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He is my friend The Mighty (wounded) Healing Warrior

So Many beings yet nobody knows the internal torment of He,
He is the go to friend for all,
The one who will beckon to your call
The truth teller,
The shoulder,
Knowing your truths from his own personal fight,
Grounding, protective shielding from fight or flight.

Who will pick up the wounded warrior in HIS hour of sorrow?
Who will see his hidden wounds
Nestled deep behind the smiles of horror?

Who can carry the burdens of such a might?
Who has ample knowledge, wisdom and insight?
Who will recognise?
This battle cannot be fought with weapons of destruction,
whats required here is instinct and compassion,
The no strings ear of a true friend
Someone to help the problem transcend
Can anyone forfeit whats most important to human kind?
A moment of kindness is only a sacrifice of time.

Who will give up their precious time to apply the wisdom of a gentle stoke?
Offer comfort that brings forth, the force of love, beyond false prophesy of hope,
reignite the flame sitting deep inside the belly, my friend,

The sleeping serpent is waiting to be evoked”.

Do they know without love we have nothing at all,
Wining and dining on an empty soul, refusing to surrender in fear of loosing control,
understanding ever so slowly … painfully now realising … if we embrace love, we can truly have it all.

What can one possibly do to pick up the healing warrior?
His secret pain held in so deep? So deep it cannot be easily reached.
He’s not the type to share a problem, nor a burden to another,
He is strong – always ready to inspire others,
this is one of his deepest desires –
How could we know what is required?

I wish I could somehow reach him, and tell him what I happen to know, I’d reach into the wisdom of my soul, detached from ego, I’d say …

…”The mighty do fall but not in shame

For it was only after death did Christ rise again,
And only when he rose again, was he considered holy,
And only in his suffering did he learn that darkness was lonely,
And only in the darkness did we learn, the importance of the light,
We learned how to heal ourselves & improve the conditions of human life.

How are we just if we just watch his sorrow?
When he needs a friend, it is only time that he borrows
Time that he gives so openly and freely,
to all those that called upon him when they were sick and needy.

Dear friend, Our maker knows your not greedy, so open your heart door and let it all pour
Be true to who you are and everything negative naturally dissolves,
and if you don’t trust me, then trust in yourself…
For there is no doubt your maker knows you,
when you say “I’m strong” in your speech
Creation knew in your heart you were weak,
& when you said
“I’m ready to serve”,
The universe knew it was your time to receive all the things, that you truly deserve.

Listen inside as your internal voice speaks…

Give it to yourself oh mighty warrior the justification of living YOUR OWN life, ponder only your own soul mission for this is your birthright,

Let love seep into the cracks of your broken heart, & remind you of your own little light,

For this is how the divine sees you and responds personally to you…

Whispering through the breeze in the trees, on your darkest night…
“Stretch out your hand in faith to me son, and I promise I will meet it with mine”.

For Charles’ S. k. A – 2017′

Mind Over Weight

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