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About Us – Mind Over Weight
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About Us

Who We Are And What We Do

Improve Your Life

Our main aim is to implement M.O.W objectives by introducing a combination of alternative/complementary therapies and practices into ones daily life for better physical and emotional well-being. Our aim is to support weight loss and self-empowerment by developing personalised programs for our clients designed after careful analysis of one’s lifestyle, stress-levels, their social/emotional background and current physical & emotional health. With the introduction of health therapies that will best suit the clients’ natural bioenergetics to work to their full potential and become the self we desire to be. Although weight loss can be achieved by the traditional method of hard-core adrenalin based training, we have learnt that over time this can put unnecessary stress on the physical and emotional body and often causes the weight and emotional state to return. This type of training can overwork the muscles and shock the body into fatigue; this is unnatural and depletes the organs of vital energy while the body remains in a state of fight and flight. We feel our programs provide a wider perspective viewing the whole of the person opposed to segmenting them into mind, body, spirit. What's going on at the root level effects the whole, this approach to weight loss and self-empowerment can help one create longer term benefits to their overall health and well-being of our clients.

At present there are three types of members-
  1. The first type of member is one who chooses to participate in a paid 6 month personalised program (divided into terms) with access to all classes and groups inclusive of optional personal counseling and personal training.
  2. The second type of member is one who is not ready to participate in a program but is interested in what we do, wants access to discount therapies, classes and events and seeks self-empowerment and weight loss with a support network. There is a very low yearly membership fee which we revise according to financial profit variations of the CIC.
  3. The third type of member is a mailing list member who will receive access to a monthly newsletter which will provide information for free and paid events, classes & low cost pay as you go programs, and many other offers. There’s also a variety of free social and interactive support from the M.O.W team along your journey.

As a Community interest company we aim to keep our fees as low as possible only charging the client what we absolutely NEED to in order to cover our running costs wages and therapist fees. We do NOT seek to make a personal profit; all profits we do make go back into bettering our communities’ interest.

If you are interested in joining the program but really (???) cannot afford the costs* why not speak to us and see if we make an exchange of services agreement. You may not have money to pay the fees but can exchange in free services associated with your job, skills, talents and expertise. We want our services to be accessible to all.


By signing up for our program you will receive:

  • Free initial consultation with our in-house trainee counsellor & a Fully qualified counsellor
  • A tailor made program designed according to your individual needs. (fully inclusive of the therapies identified as most beneficial to your needs)
  • A mind over weight t-shirt
  • Access to our associate member therapists providing subsidised costs for our members interested in holistic, natural and complimentary therapies
  • A discounted gym pass with our member associate clubs or help in getting free or subsidised access to your local gym (provided by your NHS GP if you are eligible)
  • Access to Free mindfulness & meditation classes.
  • Daily support for the duration of the program
  • Ongoing support for up to 6 months post program
  • And as a personal Thank you from the M.O.W team for letting us be part of your journey, we would like offer a free gift including a selection of handmade, 100% natural goodies for the body, whether you are male or female there are lots of ways to love & indulge in yourself.